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spotlight: the daze

photo by Koko Beee // dazzling in all the ways, get to know the daze in this week’s spotlight interview!

a brief history of Girl Powa!

photo by SLS // Girl Powa! is Celia’s little show that could featuring all your fave artists. what is it, and how did it come about?

spotlight: remcycles

gm legends! the iridescent spotlight is on remcycles this week. read all about xyr work, inspirations, day-to-day, and more!

spotlight: Carla the Poet

photo by Jay McClendon //

we have Carla the Poet in the spotlight this week! read her in her own words on her journey as an artist, making her way in web3, and more!

web3 in the mainstream

image from NY Times //

here, i’ll highlight a few recent essays/stories from writers i trust who are bringing new lenses to crypto, web3, and NFTs in the mainstream. great for beginners!

spotlight: five questions w/ Aura

photo by Ryan Cardoso //

i am super thrilled to launch iridescent wave w/ an interview with the dynamic & incredible Aura! read about her views + hopes for web3 in her own words.


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founder: celia inside

i’m an artist, podcaster, and radio-type show host (the list keeps growing / i am here to stay 😉 ) w/ a keen interest in web3 who works an inspiring but exhausting day job that ISN’T music (for now), so i need some curation! i also want to strongly feature women and qpoc in web3 because i need those spaces, and am a good writer, so here we are.

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